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Cooking your Christmas Turkey!

So it's that infamous time of year again where families are bickering over who is hosting Christmas dinner, who's cooking the turkey, do we have enough spare chairs blah blah blah!

But one thing is for certain, you will not be disappointed with your Roy Blyth Turkey!!

Now we all LOVE a good moist turkey (people who say they don't like turkey, we can't be friends) but it is daunting knowing how to cook, how long for, what herbs and butter do I need ect. So we have found some useful links that will help! Remember to ask for a label with the weight of your Turkey when collecting your order so you can calculate the perfect cooking time!

For your Roy Blyth Farm Reared Bronze Turkeys - use this link for cooking instructions.

For a delicious Roy Blyth Boneless Turkey crown recipe - use this link.

For the Crispiest Beef Dripping Roasties - try this recipe!

For the best Sausage meat stuffing... let us do it for you!

You can browse our full Christmas range in our Christmas section right here at .

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