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How to cook the PERFECT steak!

Ok so, one of the most asked questions we get in our store is "how do I cook this steak, I don't want to ruin it" and yes we understand it can be daunting to cook a steak perfectly if you've never been told, but that is about to change!

So we are going to use our gorgeous Roy Blyth Bistro Rump steak as an example, if you are new to the art of steak Bistro Rump is a great starting point as its tender, lean and won't cost you much for a good size steak!

Step 1: Take your steaks out of the fridge 1 hour BEFORE you intend to cook them. This will allow the steaks to come to just below room temperature, if we were to put cold steaks straight out of the fridge into a hot pan, this clash in temperatures can make them tough!

Step 2: Get your pan HOT, don't add any oil, just use your best quality frying pan and let t get nice and hot.

Step 3: Oil your steaks, get a good quality oil (we recommend extra virgin olive oil) drizzle some over the steaks and use your finger tips to rub it so the steaks are covered. Then get some good quality salt (Himalayan Pink is great) and distribute evenly over one side of the steaks, we don't use pepper at this stage as pepper can burn in a hot pan and leave a bitter taste.

Step 4: Place your steaks salt side down into your hot pan, for a nice medium rare we recommend 4 minutes each side, after you have placed your steaks in the pan you can go ahead and salt the other side, but no need for more oil.

Step 5: Once your steaks have cooked for 4 mins each side, turn off your pan and remove your steaks, place them on a side plate or chopping board to REST! Do not skip this step! We promise it's worth the wait. This will allow your steaks to continue to cook for another few minutes without the risk of burning, and they won't go cold don't worry!

Step 6: Once the 4 minutes rest is complete, Serve with side dishes of your choice and ENJOY!

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